Call for
Volume VI:
No Yesterday's Future


You can be retro, backwheeling, and sentimental for lost Golden Ages, but not here. We have a genuine future to look forward to, we live in it now, we will live in it tomorrow. A future that contains all the best of the past and the present, and the perspective to help us avoid, cure, or replace the worst. A future where we put fins on spaceships and popstars on the world stage without feeling a need to sentimentalize the bigotries of a past age alongside the awesome.

FEM accepts only supercool nonfiction and fiction text (poetry, prose, script), visual art (painting, photography, line art, etc.), photo documentation of three-dimensional art (including sculpture, textile and fashion design, makeup, jewelry, and performance art), and any other form that can be placed in a pdf.

There is no set limit on how long a piece or how many pieces we will accept, your visual work may be presented at a lower resolution than submitted, however, for reasons of bandwidth.

Email submissions as attachments to and use only .doc or .rtf formats for text. Include a short bio with your submission.

FEM will respond to your submission as soon as possible, but as a biannual journal, there may be months between submission and that response. We appreciate your patience.

No Yesterday's Future is coming along brilliantly. You're going to love it.

In the meantime, enjoy

you better have a happy birthday




featuring new visual, textual, and aural art by Brent Michael Davids, Maree Scarlett, Daryn Houston, Lenard D. Moore, Lee Ann Roripaugh, Stephen Graham Jones, Laura Jensen, Changming Yuan, Norm Breyfogle, Makalani Bandele, Hayley Addis, et al!

The Future Is Now (FEM vol 1)

"dear future:
"i have heard rumblings of the star-fucking kind—"
~ Jan Beatty

 Fantasy (FEM vol 2)       

"Please. I don’t want to imagine."
~ Caroline Thompson

Food (FEM vol 3)


"There's steak on the wind."
~ Ben Rawluk

Celebrations & Holidays (FEM vol 4)

"'Patterson, why do you keep torturing yourself like this?'

'You know why. I was at the party.'"
~ Daniel Parks


Future Earth Magazine is a free absolutely-no-profit-in-it full color lit and arts magazine, which was founded by Travis Hedge Coke, Daniel Rappaport, and Rose Hugh, and originally published through arrangement with North Hamilton Press. FEM has always prided itself in accepting the widest range of entertainment mediums and genres one can bring together in PDF form. Poetry, painting, fiction, memoir, lineart, screenplays and stageplays, photography and photo documentation of sculptures, jewelry, costuming, weaving, happenings, and anything else that happens to attract us, is welcome in the pages of Future Earth Magazine.

Contributors include newcomers and established geniuses, such as Arthur Sze, Caroline Thompson, Anne Waldman, Vera Tataro, Allison Hedge Coke, Marilyn Nelson, Juan Felipe Herrera, Lyn Lifshin, Heather Riccio, Tara Betts, Kimberly L. Becker, Maarika Martins, Ben Rawluk, and Katy Darby.

FEM proudly supports some wonderful projects you may also find interesting.