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Future Earth Magazine
Volume Four: Celebrations & Holidays

Edited by
Travis Hedge Coke
Laura Ortega
Laura Jensen

The editors would like to dedicate this issue to many people worth celebrating and a few who deserve outright holidays in their name, including:

Malcolm X
Josephine S. Casillas
Larry Hama
Marilyn Nelson
Carlos Ortega
Trina Robbins
Allison Hedge Coke
Anne Waldman

Special Thanks to Daniel Rappaport and Ilya Davidovich for technical assistance.



Clive Nolan, On the Pier
Lyn Lifshin, North of Cotton Wood
Lyn Lifshin, Arizona Ruins
Lyn Lifshin, Champlain, Branbury, The Lakes at Night
Lyn Lifshin, New Hampshire
Lyn Lifshin, Middlebury Poem
Lyn Lifshin, Thirty Miles West of Chicago
Lyn Lifshin, Things That Shine in Quebec City as the Sun Falls
Lyn Lifshin, Midwest
Lyn Lifshin, Monet’s Les Nympheas
Lyn Lifshin, Violet Jelly
Lyn Lifshin, Blue Sleighs
Lyn Lifshin, September 26, 1996
Lyn Lifshin, Mid November
Lyn Lifshin, Late November
Lyn Lifshin, Geese at Midnight
Lyn Lifshin, Like a Dark Lantern
Lyn Lifshin, In the Rippled Ebony Cove
Lyn Lifshin, Arizona Ruins
Lyn Lifshin, Late November
Lyn Lifshin, Heron on Ice
Lyn Lifshin, Feeding the Ducks, Grey November
Lyn Lifshin, Geese on Ice
Lyn Lifshin, On the Shortest Day of the Year
Lyn Lifshin, Downstairs the Dark Studded
Lyn Lifshin, Cherry Blossoms in Darkness
Lyn Lifshin, Reprieve
Lyn Lifshin, It Goes On
Tatjana Debeljacki, “momiji gar…”
Mahdi Tavajohi,
Denise Emanuel Clemen, Cutting Down Trees

FEM Celebrates Marilyn Nelson!
Curtis Crisler, identity
Curtis Crisler, Mama Metronome
Curtis Crisler, That Smile
Tara Betts, “Marilyn Nelson. Two words”
Tara Betts, Without Marilyn
Marilyn Nelson, Mohembo Road
Jee Leong Koh, Hungry Ghosts
Allison Hedge Coke, Yinxing
Allison Hedge Coke, Consumption
Allison Hedge Coke
Allison Hedge Coke
Allison Hedge Coke
Allison Hedge Coke, Inaugural Consumption
Ann Hostetler, Of Mothering, Monasticism, and Creative…
Ching-In Chen, Partly Blaze
Ching-In Chen, Bowie
Ching-In Chen, Fugue: Love Pathology

Nashira Priester, T H E B I G S H O W
Nashira Priester, when global warming comes
Nashira Priester, Wayne Shorter
Isabella Day, Butterfly Christening Box/Pendant
Norm Breyfogle, Freak Advice
Norm Breyfogle, System shocks
Norm Breyfogle, Omega Leap
Norm Breyfogle, Contrary Trees
Norm Breyfogle, The Primal Christ
James Cihlar, Oprah: The Poem
James Cihlar, The Bear
James Cihlar, Engines of Our Ingenuity
Em Jollie, Autumn Equinox
Em Jollie, Winter Solstice, 2008
Em Jollie, Spring Equinox, 2010
Em Jollie, A’tugwagan
Em Jollie, Celebrating the Day of Mourning
Alexandra Parsons, Apolutrosis
Brett Stout,
Echezona Udeze, And He Laughed
Daniel de Culla, And I Wonder
Daniel Parks, Another Language
Eugenia Rainey, Burying the Moon
Randy Gonzalez, Knight Checks Queen
Daniel Rappaport, Shadows
Daniel Rappaport, Happy Chairs
Vivekanand Jha, My poem falters and falls
Vivekanand Jha, Interview with Jayanta Mahapatra
Jayanta Mahapatra, Hunger
Jayanta Mahapatra, Freedom
Jayanta Mahapatra, Ash
Jayanta Mahapatra, Her Hand
E.B. Sanders, The Perfect Suicide
Rick Marlatt, Seasonal Prayer
Rick Marlatt, Last Sunday Night in the World
Rick Marlatt, Mirrors
Rick Marlatt, Deer
Rick Marlatt, Driving North
Sergio Ortiz, taxonomy of a desire
Isaac James Baker, R2D2
Willie J. Nunnery II, A Broken Verse
David Meltzer, Widow Her
Angela Sestito, under a full moon